31 August 2012

Chili Relleno

(Yes, after 20 years of using my stove top, I still CANNOT turn the right burner on.)
The person who designed the knobs was not okay in the head!
Anyway, this recipe is a true winner.

Chili Relleno
1 large can (or 3 small cans) of whole green chili peppers
1 pound shredded Jack cheese (or Colby-Jack)
1/2 pound cream cheese
5 eggs
5 green onions (or saute one large onion, chopped)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cumin
2 Tablespoons melted butter

In greased 9x13 pan, layer chili peppers, Jack cheese, pinches of cream cheese and onions. (You will have two layers.)
Beat eggs, salt, butter and cumin and pour over top of layers. (It won't seem like much egg mixture.)
Bake 350° for 40-45 minutes. (Test with a knife inserted in center, must come out clean).

Serve with salsa


28 August 2012

Lesson Learned: I Cannot Walk on Water

I know, it is sad but true, I just can't walk on water.
Jack and I took our friends out on the lake today to enjoy the scenery and the peacefulness surrounding us there.

We decided to go to the top of the lake where the Rogue River feeds into the lake. Jack is the only one of us who had been that far up before. So under Peyton bridge we went...

The water here was very still and covered with tiny flies we call idges. (Hi, Midge, did you know you were named after a fly?)

The reflection in the water was incredible. Only one problem, the algae was thick in the water.

Normally, we drive by Hole Rock and there it was above us.

I couldn't believe I could zoom in this close and see turkey vultures right above the hole. One on the left and one on the right. Too cool.

This is called Red Rock.

Rick enjoyed his view from the front of the boat! Here the water started to get a little choppier.

We saw this Great Blue Heron along with tons of Osprey and one Bald Eagle and a strange looking bird I need to research.

We didn't even get close to where the river enters the lake as the water level got too shallow. So we set anchor and had a picnic. Notice what I'm wearing. I do have my swim suit underneath.

Then Carol and I wanted to swim so we went back to the other end of the lake. You may notice the smoke from all the wildfires. This is mostly coming from California now.
And there's the dock.

So here's the deal....Jack said, "Take the rope and hop onto the deck." So I did just that and one second I was on the dock and the next, I was sliding into the water! I still don't know quite what happened but I certainly was not able to walk on water! Needless to say, I was the first in swimming!
And in the end, Carol said the water was just too freezing for her and she couldn't swim in it. I thought it was just right and actually thought it was a bit warm. It was 72° so you tell me if that's cold or not?

I have to share this one to show that I'm not the only half of this marriage who gets into trouble.
The Park Ranger had to chase Jack off because this is where he parked for us to get the boat ready to head down the road.

22 August 2012

It Ain't Summer 'til ...

I go swimming!

This dock is in the middle of the lake so we tied off the boat and I swam while Jack watched.

Happy man with his boat.

Needless to say, we won't be able to launch much longer as the level of the lake is getting low.

All in all, it was a lovely, relaxing summer day.

19 August 2012

It Must be Sunday

You know how I said we can measure the years by events? Well, at out house we measure the weeks by waffles!
For some reason, Jack has decided that Sunday is Waffle Day!

We canceled our newspaper as it got too spendy and delivery wasn't consistant so without the colored comics section to alert me to the fact that it's Sunday, my days would run together.

Not any more.
I know by the smells from the kitchen that another week has passed.


17 August 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

How Does Your Garden Grow? ...

Some adults (mostly) and some kids (not so many) got together and planted a community garden.

Then more kids came as more adults became scarce. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

And then the kids harvested the garden. (Which is really just now taking off!)

And they enjoyed it...

And so did the families at the local Food Bank who receive the harvest.

13 August 2012

To Die For Cake


Oh My Goodness! What a rich, rich and delicious dessert. I have made it before and my notes made it sound like I should make it again...so I did. Just for Jack's birthday.

Three layers of deep rich chocolate and orage flavors.
It is a very time consuming cake to make but I slice it thin and then freeze the pieces individually.
Mmmmmmm, definitely not a food to have around if you are on a diet!

12 August 2012

Ways to Count the Years

It is amazing how different events can trigger the fact that another complete year has flown by. I don't mean just counting by birthdays, but by events like our annual River Art Walk.
Each year, in the heat of the August month, we celebrate artists. I love this event. It sits along the Rogue River in Shady Cove and the artists and local organizations set up booths.
I get to see folks I haven't seen in awhile and catch up on their lives. Jack and I discuss what we like about a particular piece of art or photo or something handmade. Yes, we usually walk away with something that we have purchased.
Mainly, it is a good time for us to be together and not in any particular hurry. . . just enjoying the day, the art, each other and the fact that yes, another year has stacked up behind us.

Here are Jack and Rick waiting for Carol and me to hurry along. We had to stop and talk to the vendors, you know how that goes.

And by the way, it is Jack's birthday today too.

09 August 2012

Melissa's Excellent Salsa

One of the best things about family gatherings is the food. My niece, Melissa made a salsa that both Jack and I thought was to DIE FOR!! After we got home, I called Melissa for her recipe. She was in the middle of a birthday party.... did I care? Nope... I made her take the time to give the recipe. Bless her sweet heart, she gave it to me!

I made a HUGE bowl of it on Saturday and by Sunday it was gone. Need I remind y'all that there are only two of us in this household?  So here's her recipe:

1 bunch of fresh cilantro - chopped
1 can black eyed peas (drained)
1 can corn (drained) - I used unsalted
1 ripe avocado
1 small onion diced (recipe called for green onion)
1½ cups tomato - diced
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 cloves garlic - minced
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon cumin
(I added lime juice and chili pepper for a bit more zest)

Okay, I have to confess: I made another batch of it since Sunday and it is gone as of today. We really enjoy this salsa. Eat it on chips, on fish, on chicken, on tortillas.... whatever you like. It just seem to go with anything you would eat on a hot summer's night.

Thanks, Melissa!


06 August 2012

Action at the Watering Hole - Feeder

And you might remember these.
It's a busy place and quite relaxing to watch. We have woodpeckers, doves, jays, grosbeaks, chick-a-dees and others who drop in to see what's to eat. The turkey scratch up what the little ones toss on the ground and the deer munch the seeds that grow into tender shoots.
(and our neighbors eat the deer.....such is the cycle of life.)

05 August 2012

The GreenTeeth Mystery

Mmmm, sounds like a good Bobbsey Twin Mystery book title!

Okay, tell me friends and family, when does this:
+ plus this: (plantain)

(another idea of what plantain looks like...)
= this????? :

Answer: When the wasps are being aggressive! I got stung and grabbed some plantain that was growing by the horse stall. I chewed it up, spit out the juice and applied the polstice.
(This is an OIT....Old Indian Trick) taught to me by Kote Lotah, Shaman/Smoke Doctor of the Chumash Native Americans, Southern California.
Ahhh, the mystery of the green teeth is solved! The chewed pieces tend to stick to your teeth but it tastes like grass and works so well that you won't mind if your toothbrush is tucked away safely at home!

Plantain draws out the poison from the bites/stings, etc. It works for mosquito bites, bee stings, snake bites, and who knows what else!
Jack got stung this evening and yelled, "Sandee, get the plantain!" I ran out and found some growing wild, chewed it up and put a polstice on his sting. He is fine.

Seriously, no redness, no burning, no swelling. Sting is GONE.

We traveled around the USA twice and I found plantain growing in every campground we stayed in. Some grows HUGE when it gets a lot of water and some is so tiny, it's hard to gather because it doesn't get water. It grows in every school yard I've ever visited!!!

It is also referred to as Englishman's Foot or White Man's Foot  in the broad leaf variety.

Recipe for using as a Healing Salve: In large non-metallic pan place 1lb. of entire Plantain plant chopped, and 1 cup lard, cover, cook down on low heat till all is mushy and green. Strain while hot, cool and use for burns, insect bites, rashes, and all sores. Note: used as night cream for wrinkles.
(Oh yeah, this one is for me!!!)

it was called "The Mother of Herbs."  In Old World tradition, Plantains were used as a remedy for bleeding, cuts, burns, poison ivy, snake bites and inflammations, and a tea made from the seeds was employed to remedy diarrhea, dysentery and bleeding from mucous membranes. 

(Plantain is not related to the cooking banana of the same name.)

The uses go on and on. I know from my Native American friends that parts of the plant are used for diarrhea and others for constipation. It is truly an amazing plant.
Check out this website for more information:

04 August 2012

Picnic on the Lake

Ray and Pat live on a lake. It is quite peaceful and very, very beautiful. We ended our last trip with a b-b-q at their home.

It was only 65° and those natives acted like it was 100°

The oldest with the youngest.

Captain Ray

A normal, every day sighting for these parts.

And one of my favorites....
The end of a great little vacation.