29 July 2012

Just for Lucy

As you all know, I follow Lucy's blog at Attic 24. I saw this photo and have to post it in honor of her love for hooky things. This is a yarn covered bus in Mexico City!
I don't know who the photographer was so I'm sorry I cannot give credit where it is due.

27 July 2012

Anyone Missing an Armchair Cover??

Sure as shootin', I've gone off and stolen some one's cover to their armchair. I cannot even begin to think of who this belongs to.
I must have spread out my quilt tops to show off and then scooped up this cover along the way.
Please have me arrested, I'm in need of someone to cook my meals for me for a spell!
Oh, and do leave a comment so I'll know who this belongs to.

Especially for Carmen

Carmen mentioned the pie crust cookies that Mom made as kids and how she enjoyed them. I told her they are a part of our family pie baking now.
No sooner did I get to Mom's than she had me make an apple pie.
Sure enough, there was crust left over for cinnamon and sugar pinwheels.
Honestly, this pie pan was full before I went in search for my camera!
They never last long enough to cool down!

Talk about nostalgia! Mom's biscuit cutter from when we were kids. She uses it as her flour scoop.
An old tin can.

"I don't bake pies anymore," exclaimed Mom.
So why does she have so many doggone pie pans?
I went searching for one for my pie and could only find the small aluminum ones so I baked a small pie. Then Mom showed me the rest of the stack. OMG!!

26 July 2012

Kent Bound

From the golden sun-kissed hills of Wenatchee, we headed for south of Seattle to Kent.

Mom and I walked her neighborhood and complimented a man on his beautiful flower garden. He picked a bouquet for us. (Hmmmm, I think I just found the colors for my next quilt!)

Mind you, Mom fell and broke her arm 4 weeks ago, she had just gotten her cast removed. She had injured both shoulders and we think perhaps sprained her wrist. Not to mention her face was all messed up.
She is 89 years old and check this out.... she is pulling weeds one-handed!
Oh boy, do I want to be just like her when I grown up!!

Let's see....does it look like Ina is winning at Cribbage?

To be continued....the next entry will be just for Carmen!

24 July 2012

On to Wenatchee

After the Sisters Quilt Show, we headed north to visit friends in Wenatchee. It was a beautiful drive with the sun shining warmly. I guess I'll forever love the golden colors of Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. That baked in the sun glow is so homey to me.

(These photos were taken through the car windshield and on the move.)

Here we have wheat growing and what's that .. a crop of telephone poles and a crop of electricity generating wind machines? Too fun.

We crossed the Columbia River at Biggs-Mary Hill. Yes, that means STONEHENGE!!

The road was closed going to Stonehenge so we had to continue on our way. I just love standing in the circle of stones, even though they aren't the real deal. I have to go to England for those and I do hope to manage that next year.

We crossed the Columbia again in Wenatchee.

Carmen, (friend for 60 years!), and her husband, Jay, just bought a home in Wenatchee so we stayed with them for two nights.

Sisters.... not the quilt show, the real thing! So where's Ina's gray hair?

Ina and her hubby, Warren aka: bil. It was their 27th anniversary that week.

After Ina and Warren left, we were able to meet Janice, (friend for 57 years!), and her hubby, Blake. We went to dinner at McGlinn's Public House in Wenatchee. Pizzas are great, and I didn't hear any complaints about the other meals either.  (My camera was set wrong ... sorry).

And here we are ... a year older than the last time I posted a photo of us.
Still kickin' and still friends.

23 July 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - Part 3

I wanted to mention how fun it was to see how the quilts were organized.
This was cute the way the name of the business fit the quilts.

This one must have been made especially for Hucklebearys, it was just too perfect!

Some quilts were grouped in colors.

Yellow for the perfect yellow house.

There were themes like Teachers' Quilts, Men's Quilts, Quilting Challenges, Miniature Quilts, etc.
Luckily, there were maps provided for all of us to follow.

A quilt show very well done and very worthwhile to see.
(Yes, the sky did open up with a thunder storm. We left just as it started to rain and got into a downpour. I have no idea how the quilts faired with the rain, but it is always the chance that is taken when they hang outdoors!

Thanks, Sisters, for a great show!

21 July 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2012 - Part 2

I admit, the quilts weren't the only things that caught my interest during the quilt show.

The lady on the left was so cute. Her hat was unusual and I decided it was more for fun than for keeping her shaded.

Hats were definitely needed as it is usually hot and sunny in Sisters in July. The embellishments were fun to see.

I think someone must have paid this little boy to sit and learn how to hand quilt. He was so attentive and patient.

The fabric in this man's shirt just shimmered in the sunlight. It would change colors as he moved. He was dressed up for the show with a hat and his beard looked freshly trimmed.

This dog was catching the breeze! (I have a comment about people who take their dogs to an event that is conjested with people and hotter than you-know-what... but I'll not share that thought here.)

And one saw all shapes and sizes too.

Sitting just was not on Ina's and my agenda. We were too excited to see what was around the next corner.

Musicians were throughout the town and these youngsters donated all that they made to a charity.

Lastly, I decided I want one of these mirrors in my house. I think I lost about 20 pounds just by standing in front of the mirror!

18 July 2012

Forgiven or Not

I don't know if I was ever forgiven or not for waking everyone up early and bouncing around with nervous energy like  Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh." But I don't rightly care because that quilt show was amazing. See for yourself:

About 16 miles from the quilt show and there was a flashing sign warning of traffic delays! Delays??? That was an UNDERSTATEMENT. I didn't think we'd ever get there.

I spent time taking photos along the way.

I'd never been to this show with such a massively large crowd. But it worked as the quilts were spread out so far around the town and in the shops.

This is the quilter Ina and I loved the most from what we saw. Freddy Moran

and this is her quilt we couldn't tear ourselves away from.
 and for a mere $245 for the workshop, and most likely $300 for a motel, $80 for meals, $245 air fare, and who knows what for a rental car, then let's see ... $200 for fabric.. we too can make this quilt!!
I am tempted....but nearly $1000 to make a quilt and it isn't even quilted yet... too rich for me.

There is more to follow on the quilt show and our travels...

15 July 2012

Karina's Giveaway

My blogger friend, Midge, has a precious daughter who is recovering from surgery. Karina is offering a most lovely creative beaded giveaway for all of us who are holding healthy wishes for her. Well, I most certainly am doing that.
Check out Midge's blog and notice the talented artwork that Karina creates. She is an amazing artist and I wish her a long healthy life & I hope she populates the earth with her artistic work fo us to enjoy.

14 July 2012

On Vacation & Already In Trouble

OMG!! I organized a gathering of my family to see the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. My sister and bil were the only ones who could join us. So last night I (being the organizer) announced that we had to get up at 5:30 to be at the quilt show by 7:00 am. I wanted to be the first one there.

You should have heard all the grumbles. I guess this really WAS my idea.

Anyway, when our alarm went off and I pulled the short straw to shower first, I decided to confirm the quilt show start time. Uh huh....I was 2 hours tbo early. I had to eat crow and call sis to tell her to sleep in. My bil answered the phone an..  I won't repeat the conversation.I'll just say he was not a happy camper.

Jack and I got up and started our day anyway. So I'm not sufficiently out of trouble just yet.

Jack does not think it is funny but I can't help but laugh. I am a ditz and I just can't seem to change that about me. I think someone should laugh.

10 July 2012


Lenticular Clouds

These clouds look like UFOs! Because of their saucer-like shape, they have often been mistaken for spaceships. Lenticular (lens-shaped) clouds form at high altitudes, by strong winds forced over high mountains.
These are the type of clouds that we see around Mt. Shasta frequently. On our way home from CA, we spotted some forming. I am drawn to them because they are so unusual for us to see.
Forming on the horizon...

 This was an unusual form of clouds for us to see at home:
 The sunshine hitting just this one cloud was cool to watch.
Almost a full moon over our pink clouds.
No matter what, if you have clouds, creative thoughts can't be far away!