27 July 2012

Especially for Carmen

Carmen mentioned the pie crust cookies that Mom made as kids and how she enjoyed them. I told her they are a part of our family pie baking now.
No sooner did I get to Mom's than she had me make an apple pie.
Sure enough, there was crust left over for cinnamon and sugar pinwheels.
Honestly, this pie pan was full before I went in search for my camera!
They never last long enough to cool down!

Talk about nostalgia! Mom's biscuit cutter from when we were kids. She uses it as her flour scoop.
An old tin can.

"I don't bake pies anymore," exclaimed Mom.
So why does she have so many doggone pie pans?
I went searching for one for my pie and could only find the small aluminum ones so I baked a small pie. Then Mom showed me the rest of the stack. OMG!!

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Terrie said...

Such pretty good memory of mum's baking and cooking. Your mum is charming. Wish her arm is much better now. Thanks for your sweet comments on my dress.