26 July 2012

Kent Bound

From the golden sun-kissed hills of Wenatchee, we headed for south of Seattle to Kent.

Mom and I walked her neighborhood and complimented a man on his beautiful flower garden. He picked a bouquet for us. (Hmmmm, I think I just found the colors for my next quilt!)

Mind you, Mom fell and broke her arm 4 weeks ago, she had just gotten her cast removed. She had injured both shoulders and we think perhaps sprained her wrist. Not to mention her face was all messed up.
She is 89 years old and check this out.... she is pulling weeds one-handed!
Oh boy, do I want to be just like her when I grown up!!

Let's see....does it look like Ina is winning at Cribbage?

To be continued....the next entry will be just for Carmen!

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