08 July 2012

CA Visit

We had so much fun with our grandkids. Needless to say, I miss them terribly. Their laughter, their funny remarks and the energy that whirlwinds around them make me smile. Now, it's the memories of all that...(and FaceTime ;o))

Things are progressing as expected for Joseph. His immune system is in repair and slowly but surely building up to be able to protect him once again. He is an amazing man.

I find I want to scrub all the corners of my house now that I know how it feels when a house is clean from top to bottom. But wanting to do something and actually doing it are definitely two different things because I've been sewing instead of cleaning! (Imagine that!)

A trip to the Folsom Zoo made my heart sing. All our grandkids together, having fun.
The zoo is a refuge for animals saved from other wild life "preserves" and from other situations that put them in danger. Peacocks and chickens roam everywhere.
It was a super day under the California sunshine.

Now we are preparing for another trip to see Mom. She fell and broke her arm and hurt both shoulders and her face. She claims she joggled her brain but I told her that had been done prior to her falling! (just kidding, Mom).... Anyway, she is doing quite well and it's about time I get up there to see her.

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Terrie said...

The photos speak themselves you've a GREAT time with kids. A good interaction with animals too. Wish you mum speedy recovery.