24 July 2012

On to Wenatchee

After the Sisters Quilt Show, we headed north to visit friends in Wenatchee. It was a beautiful drive with the sun shining warmly. I guess I'll forever love the golden colors of Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. That baked in the sun glow is so homey to me.

(These photos were taken through the car windshield and on the move.)

Here we have wheat growing and what's that .. a crop of telephone poles and a crop of electricity generating wind machines? Too fun.

We crossed the Columbia River at Biggs-Mary Hill. Yes, that means STONEHENGE!!

The road was closed going to Stonehenge so we had to continue on our way. I just love standing in the circle of stones, even though they aren't the real deal. I have to go to England for those and I do hope to manage that next year.

We crossed the Columbia again in Wenatchee.

Carmen, (friend for 60 years!), and her husband, Jay, just bought a home in Wenatchee so we stayed with them for two nights.

Sisters.... not the quilt show, the real thing! So where's Ina's gray hair?

Ina and her hubby, Warren aka: bil. It was their 27th anniversary that week.

After Ina and Warren left, we were able to meet Janice, (friend for 57 years!), and her hubby, Blake. We went to dinner at McGlinn's Public House in Wenatchee. Pizzas are great, and I didn't hear any complaints about the other meals either.  (My camera was set wrong ... sorry).

And here we are ... a year older than the last time I posted a photo of us.
Still kickin' and still friends.

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