27 September 2010

Just a Subtle Hint

I have complained about my stove before. I've used it for 18 years and I still cannot get the right knob when I want to turn a burner on. Need I confess how many dinners I've burned from placing the skillet on the HOT burner?! Tonight was no exception. I'm done with it. I draw arrows and Jack removes them, he thinks they look tacky. I think they will save the dinners, so who cares about tacky arrows? NOT ME!


Terrie said...

You will get a NEW one on your birthday !!

roguetrombone said...

I love you, Sandee!!! I hope you used sharpee to mark the stove.

soggibottom said...

Good luck with your new stove Sandee.
If you keep burning things, it works. Someone else now cooks in our kitchen :-) x x x
Much better cook than me anyway :-)

Sandee said...

My problem is more my patience than my stove. Jack cooks. He cooks better than I do and he also mixes up the burners from time to time. I swear, some dislexic person designed this stove!
The other issue is that once I get a new stove, it will mean a new countertop, etc. etc., etc. One thing ALWAYS leads to another.
Hmmm, maybe this will make a good winter project for Jack.
Rip out those tiles and all that nasty white grout!
I don't know.... I think I'm ready to head for the BBQ and cook outside from now on.