13 September 2012

Shoe-Lovin' Cat

I can't take my shoes off without Hook crawling into them! These old Berkinstocks have been around so long, I've even had them re-soled. I kick them off when I'm in the swing or in the hammock. So this evening, I was swinging in the hammock when Hook started tossing my shoe around.

Maybe it's time I buy some new shoes and put mine in his cat bed to curl up with!
What a Doofus!


Amy said...

That's funny too! Charlie has done that before with Michael's shoes. I mean that could've been the same series of photos, but with Charlie & Michael's shoe inserted instead. He would sniff, kiss, lick, love & even stick his head down inside. It's so funny!

Terrie said...

Oh sweet Hook! He wants to make it belonging himself. His fluffy belly is so soft. I want to hold him. Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts.