15 March 2010

Friends ...

When family isn't near, your friends are your family. I am a wealthy woman. My co-worker and co-heart in "crime", Eileen, placed these on my desk on Friday when she found out about Buckshot. They had a pretty butterfly on them too but somehow, he took flight before I got the bouquet home. Are these stunning colors or what? Thanks, Eileen.

Then on Friday night, a car pulls up and it is Jack's friend with a cell phone to use on Sunday because our telephone is out. I know we should get a cell phone, but I refuse to pay over $30 a month for something we will only use a couple times a month. We tried the prepaid one and our 3 calls on it in 3 months cost us $5 per call. I figure for that, I can drive around and find a pay phone. They are a nuisance. You have to remember to bring it with you, to charge it, to turn it on, to turn it off. I don't know, I'm just not a cell phone kinda gal. I'm more the stick-the-cardboard-window-shade in your car window with the "Need help - call police" facing out. Someone will call for help, right?!