25 April 2011


Here's a riddle for you:

When does this:

Equal this?

When your husband decides to swap out the old microwave for a new convection oven/microwave and invents this great contraption and says, "Honey, you won't have to lift a thing."
Uh huh.....
I helped get the old one out, but getting the new one in was another story.
I had to hit the tub with bath salts and hot, hot water. He had to call a friend to come and help. A friend with muscles and who is taller than I am. (Which doesn't take much since I am the short wimp of the world!)

But it is in and the new stainless steel looks all shiny and nice.


scrapbookertink said...

LOL, Hi, your post did make me giggle.

soggibottom said...

Your going to make sure you have a larger breakfast :-)
I find it hard to believe you will stay away from school for long :-) Good to see you Sandee. Busy time here. Always a busy time here :-) Who gets to clean the bath ?