16 April 2011

Mother-Other's Visit

My mother-in-law is visiting for a week. She is so funny. She cracks little remarks that are subtle yet makes one laugh. She said she had never hung clothes on a rack before so Jack handed her the laundry basket and told her to "have at it"! She had a hard time trying to figure out why I do not use my clothes dryer.
(a) I save money by not using the dryer.
(b) I love, love, love the act of hanging clothes out to dry.
(c) Hanging clothes brings back memories from when I was a kid....good memories.
She is also keeping me company in the kitchen as I try to get 600 cookies baked. Yes, you read that correctly. I have 367 done so far and I needed to stop. I'll just work on them some more tomorrow and when I get home from work during the week. (More on that later).

 Here she is working a word puzzle. Jack's sis told her to do one a day, just like her vitamins!

Now, see, she has a smile on her face! I think she enjoyed the process!


soggibottom said...

Ha ha. Looks like Mom is just having a good time at your house :-)
Love to hang washing on the line. The dryier is redundant during the Summer and Spring :-)xxx Have a good week Mom. X

tohi said...

I agree i love to hang cloths out to dry reminds me of my grandma, fact is i have always had a dryer but never really used it, I love th eold ways. Tink