08 April 2011


IHF: I Hate Fridays. I know, I know... most folks say, "TGIF", but I'm not most folks.
Fridays to me mean nothing more than time for chores. I have to start organizing my time to get everything done in two days. Considering shopping takes us at a minimum of 8 hours, that takes most of one day. So I'll do a load of wash tonight and hang it in front of the fire.
As I walked through the house looking at what needed to be done, I caught a glimpse of this guy hanging out for his/her next meal. Ha! Eat well tonight, spider, because tomorrow you will be escorted outdoors and your web will be sucked into the darkness of my vacuum hose.
The best news is I only have 9 more Fridays in my working career. Hoooo! Hooooo! Then I can spread those chores out across the days of the weeks like blocks in a quilt! I am so ready......

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Amy said...

Mmmmm.....I Love Fridays.....that's our 'Going-to-town' day & it means the start of the weekend. Sat. I'm ALWAYS at home with no vehicle so that a nice relaxing do what I want at home kind of day. And I've always loved sundays....coming home after church & knowing you have the rest of the afternoon to relax & do whatever. And as to the amount of time in town for groceries, etc.......we were gone for TEN hours this past Fri!! That was a LONG day....but yeah, we're usually always gone for 8-9 hours....seeings how we only go once a week.