17 April 2011

Different Strokes...

My mother-in-law is visiting and her travel makeup adds up to more than I own! (Okay, I have lots and lots of lipstick tubes because afterall, I do put it on once a day on work days!)
Anyway, I stood there looking at her makeup and thought about how different we all are. I have tried to learn how to wear makeup but it is just a lost art form on me. My mom only wears lipstick and I guess since she was my role model, I didn't learn anything about makeup growing up. I try from time to time but it seems so unnatural to me. My sister doesn't wear makeup either.
Hmmmm, think of the money we have saved over the years. Maybe I should take "my savings" and go buy something special.
And by the way, the Hemp hand lotion is mine.

1 comment:

Terrie said...

Your mother-in-law is so sweet. I do hope not necessary to put on makeup but have to on working days. When I was travelling out town I don't. Yes doing cross words makes one's mind more active. She's clever I'm sure.