03 April 2011

Remodel is Moving Along...

As of last night, we are back in our own bedroom and using our master bathroom again! I am still hauling things back upstairs. This will be a project because I don't even remember where I stashed everything! Then I get some things organized and Jack builds new shelving and I have to move things again. But it's all good. In fact, it is wonderful. The only things missing are towel bars.
I have such a HUGE pile going to the Good Will for others to enjoy! I figure from now on, I have to try very, very hard to live by this motto:
If I bring something into the house, two items have to leave the house.
Once I get things streamlined, I can revisit and revise my motto... maybe one thing in and one thing out...that would be nice. I guess we are never too old to start new habits!
So check this out:

 Jack used a wood called Austrailian Lace Wood. It is redder than I had expected, but he loves it. I'm just delighted that he can build beautiful things like this. The drawers extend completely and glide so smoothly.
He installed some lights under the vanity with a motion sensor so when you walk into the bathroom, the lights go on. They turn off automatically after one minute. This is so he can see where he is going when he gets up in the middle of the night to pee!
I am in love with the pocket door to the closet.
Once the closet is organized, I'll share a photo of that with y'all.
Yes, the guest room is available once again!

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