16 June 2011

Retirement Fun

I have received so many well wishes and fun good-bye gifts. This one is from Janice and every time I pass this by in the hallway, I can't help but smile. This little stone and wire figure reminds me of myself. Thanks for the smiles, Jan!

I didn't make it to my union's retirement party but they brought me this great gift in person the following day. Here is a "BBQ in a Bag." It has a ton of seasonings for the grill, for guacamole, mixes for a lemon bar dessert, a slushy drink mix, a bottle of local Ashland wine and even a $25 gift certificate at a local butcher shop. (Yes they sell fish and veggies so I can use it!)
I will have fun putting Jack to work using these items.

The team I worked closest with threw a surprise breakfast filled with good food and good wishes. And the most beautiful dahlia plant ever. (Of course, it was all arranged by BFF Eileen and purchased by her as well. How did I ever get so lucky to work with her?!)

Of course, there are stories that go with these two gifts. They are from my right-hand woman/friend/sister/co-worker, Eileen. According to her, I'm leaving some "big shoes to fill". Well, it's a good thing she has big feet!

These are lovely flowers from our awesome principal. She had attached this cool peace scarf to the bouquet.

Lastly, the staff sunshine fund gave gifts to all of us who were leaving this year... and there were a lot of us! I shall have fun spending this gift. And yes, it is already stashed to spend only in France!


Jack caught me pulling out of the driveway for the last day of work.

I tell folks it was a good ride, now I'm turning around and am headed for a great ride!

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soggibottom said...

Sandee, special people deserve special and great rides.
Have fun :-)xxx