07 June 2011

What is Red, White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green All Over?

ANSWER:  Our Hills!

Our "spring" is so late this year that the wild flowers are just popping out everywhere. They are about 6 weeks later than normal, but nonetheless still exciting to see. Every year, I photograph the wild flowers, as if they are going to be different from one year to the other! The only thing that is different is me.... much, much older and greyer!
Take a peek:

You might be wondering where the "blue" comes in. Actually, the most purple of them all has a silly name: Blue-Dick. Go figure.
I don't care what they are called, I just love seeing them scattered across our property.
I see I caught a bug diving inside the Pussy-Ears.

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Terrie said...

Hi Sandee,
Thanks for your sweet comment onmy blog. The wild flowers are so pretty. The petals of different shape and color are just amazing. Mother nature is amazing to have so many species of plants and creatures.