31 May 2011

The M-M-m-m-Mall

(For those of you who are old enough, you might remember a show in the early 60's called "Dobie Gillis" and his beatnik friend was Maynard G. Krebs who always stuttered when he said the word "work".)
I feel like Maynard when I have to go to the m-m-m-mall.

I know I've shared my anxiety about shopping with you before but I have to say that I survived three hours of being in the mall yesterday. I visited three stores then I felt the walls coming in on me. Proof that I was there:

I decided I needed a nice black dress that would withstand the ages. Well, at least until the next time I go to the m-m-m-m-mall and that will be another 10 years I am sure.
Anyway, I mentioned to my sister-in-law in southern California that I needed to find a dress. She suggested I look on-line. I think she knew that wouldn't happen so she called me later and directed me to several dresses that Macy's had on-line. I liked all of them that she had chosen! My problem would be that I had no clue what size I wear since Good Will clothes don't always have the sizes still attached!
Anyway, I decided to go to the Macy's store and try on a few to see what size I would need to order. The night before, I laid in bed and visualized a wonderful elderly sales woman who had nothing to do but help me find a dress.

On the way into town, I stopped at Starbuck's and treated myself to a cappuccino with a small pastry treat. Then on to the m-m-m-mall.
The parking lot was almost empty, making me think the stores had not opened yet. I walked right in and the store was eerily empty of people. I had to do a major search to find the women's clothing because since my last visit in 2002, the store had been rearranged. (Go figure!)

I finally found a non-teenager section when a sales lady asked if she could help me. She did not match my vision as she was very young. I showed her the print outs from the computer of three dresses. She looked them up and said they carried one in a size too small for me.

She offered to show me where this style of dress could be found. From there, it was pure joy. She pulled out dresses exactly like I wanted, or thought I wanted. She carried them into the dressing room, and put me across from the 3-way mirror where you can see your back side.

I tried them all on. I needed the largest size of the ones we picked out and in petite. She explained that they fit my waist better and my shoulders, it isn't only about the length.
I told her I didn't like the way the dresses were stylish in the front but then straight down in the back. Showing off the fact that I have no waist and less of a butt that I had even thought! No shape at all from behind....all in the boobs. Dang it.

The next thing I knew, she brought the perfect dress, it draped at the neckline and had style in the front as well as in the back. She was amazing.

The piped in music would have driven me out of the store in 10 minutes flat but her helpfulness and smile made it bearable. I decided to look for some pants that didn't bag and sure enough she found those for me too. I am exactly four sizes bigger on top than on the bottom! Talk about lop-sided!

I decided to chance another store that two co-workers keep telling me about. They had 40% off of everything in the store so I scooped up several tops.

Then over to see if I could get some sheets that were on sale, none left for King size beds so I removed myself from the mall and took myself to lunch.
Then to the grocery store and home.

Thanks all to my sister-in-law who found the right style for me and to the kind sales girl!

Now all I need is a place to wear the dress (haha).


Amy said...

L-l-l-l-l-ove your shopping tale! Looks like you found some good deals & I love the dress.

Terrie said...

Wow, happy shopping. Put on and show us. Must be very good look. Thanks for comment on my nuno blog of dress and bag. Do come again next week.