22 May 2011


I went to pluck this leaf from my bagonia plant and decided it was worthy of a photo first.It looks like the sunlight was radiating right out from the leaf itself.

I'm down to just 17 working days left. I should be doing a little jig about now but I feel like I'm in the midst of a tornado instead. Every piece of important paper that I touch, I manage to lose. I must have a drawer or a market bag that is just sucking these things up. It is a puzzle. One I'd love to solve because as I mentioned, this is important stuff.

I need a full time assistant.


soggibottom said...

If it's special stuff, it will turn up again :-)
Beautiful click work of your camera there. :-)xxx

Terrie said...

You're a good hand of shots. Captures are brilliant. So now you'r up to gear for your next step of life. Enjoy it !