15 May 2011

For What Good It Will Do

Our weather is for sh#@*!! We have had a handful of glorious days in between a cold, wet, and did I say cold spring?!
Jack made some raised garden beds out by my clothesline. We wanted some tomatoes and herbs close at hand rather than a ¼ mile away where our garden sits. His back is so bad he cannot do gardening any more unless it is all raised so this is a trial run for us. Well, it would be if the sun ever comes out and the rain stops.
Of course, we don't have flooding like down south. My heart goes out to those folks who are losing everything due to the floods. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and who knows what else. So many folks are in crisis mode right now and here I am complaining that I haven't seen the sun shining.
Okay, I quit. (complaining, that is...)

And so, I present...our tomatoes after one full month of "growing"!

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Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Our weather is terrible, too, Sandee..It will take forever for things to grow this year. About complaining about the weather, I should be ashamed of myself, too, because there are so many others out there having so much problems with flooding, etc., and now I see there is a huge fire in Alberta...Our lives are quite comfortable, I think.