15 November 2011

Sisters and Twins, but not Twin Sisters

I've returned home from a quick visit to Mom's. I even got to see my aunt, my sister, my "twin" brother and his wife, two nieces a grandniece and a grandnephew... all without leaving Mom's! The others were up to their eyeballs with rocks at a rock show!


Oh, you never knew I had a twin brother? Well, check it out..... we are both 65 years old. Is that cool or what? I cannot imagine it, but Mom says it was no problem having us so close together. (Notice she waited 4 years before having another child!)

Actually, we celebrate 13 days every year that we are the same age, then he takes the lead, as usual!
As different as we all are, there is something special about having family around. We might disagree on many subjects but the importance of the love of family is one thing we all agree upon.
Another special thing for me is that my sister-in-laws are like sisters and my brother-in-law is like a fourth brother. It is as if we were all raised together.... strange, but they do fit so well into the quirkiness of the family.

So turning 65 wasn't as painful as I imagined. Being surrounded by family must have been the magic pill I was meant to swallow.
Now..... I'm working towards 66!!


Soggibottom said...

HA HA.. ah, I love this post. Comeing from a family of ONE !
But my mother came from a family of 13...
Your brother :-) ha ha looks as cool as his sister........... love seeing this.. SO WHEN ARE YOU COMING OVER THE BRIDGE :-) X X X

Sandee said...

I'm coming "over the bridge" next Fall. Hubby and I are thinking of traveling to France, Germany, Spain and England maybe for 6 weeks. I'm hoping for 8 but we'll see! I'll let you know as our plans get formed. I do have "Stonehenge" on my list, of course!

Terrie said...

A lovely and bold family. Belated birthdays wishes. What a special day this year with 6 ones. Wish you as young as sixteen. If I were 65 I hope I'm as engergetic as you. Love your curly hair.