19 November 2011

A Market Bag Spin-off

Okay, now that my BFF Eileen knows the secret about a student's new book bag, I can post this.
This precious 8th grade girl has begged and begged me to make her a dress. She even drew up a design. Well, I didn't want to make her a dress and have her all disappointed so I offered to make her a book bag. She agreed. Then she told me what she wanted on it and what colors and how long the straps had to be, etc. ... and it had to be able to carry her binder and all of her books! Whew! Tall order.
I made the bag and took it to the school office. I had typed up a "contract" with terms for her to sign. She had to agree before seeing the bag or knowing exactly what it was that she would not tell anyone at school where she got the bag or who made it. If she agreed to those terms, she could have the gift.
She signed and got the bag.
She loves it!
Peace Out!!


Eileen said...

I LOVE it and I know she does also... Sandee your the BEST!! xoxox

Terrie said...

I LOVE it too. PEACE - clean sign and tough to carry binders. Even a bright lining is pretty.