06 November 2011

Bald Faced Hornets' Nest

One thing about the caterpillars eating all the leaves from the trees: we can see the hornets' nests!


Kathy said...

This is a fantastic one! My in-laws had one hanging (empty) in their kitchen for years until someone knocked it down - then a few weeks ago I saw one in a booth at the Country Living Fair in Georgia- they wanted $65 for the nest!
I laughed!
I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

Terrie said...

Hi Sandee, love reading your blog, kind of living things I learnt from it. The hornet, stump, turtle on the road, the woods around. Oh, the iTouch- funny to know the function behind.

Patches said...

Great to see my twin sister on her birthday. Shje is great and fun to be around, I wish she lilved closer. Big Brother Ray