12 November 2012

How Many Scrapers Needed to Bake a Cake?

Answer: All that you own!

Jack made my birthday cake. I cleaned the kitchen. I got the better end of the deal even though he used every single scraper I/we own!

Personally, I think he is trying to make up for the fact that I went 25 years without a birthday cake! I'm not going to tell him he has a long way to go to fill that gap!
A long.....delicious....way to go ... mmmmmm!

10 November 2012

Black Eye Still With Me

Oh yeah, nothing like a concussion to make you appreciate your brain the way it was before you bumped your head. At least now, I'll have a REAL excuse for doing dumb things; I'll just blame everything on my concussion.
I still have a shiner but it is turning yellow around the edges.

It's hard to see, but the bruise appeared and it was a metallic purple. It was af if I had taken eye shadow and painted the bruise onto my lid. It is still shimmery but not as purple. This is 9 days after my fall.

08 November 2012

Good-bye White Interior Walls!

It's been a long time coming. 21 years, to be exact. I was so afraid of moving from sunny California to the Pacific Northwest that we would be in darkness. I didn't need to worry about that as our home is open and bright. Nonetheless, all the walls were painted white and stayed that way until the last five years.
My recent quilt pushed Jack to paint our bedroom, which was the last room that was white.
Now one wall is a deep burgandy and the other three are a deep olive sort of green but not too much yellow in the green.

We also ordered some vertical blinds. Something we need to BLOCK OUT THE SUNSHINE! And the heat in the summer. They have not arrived yet.

We rearranged the furniture a bit too so it is more orderly.

I know I'm posting prematurely because Jack is in the shop right now making nightstands. So once they are done and the blinds are up, I may update with new pics.

Oh....and after I've painted some new paintings for the room! Wow, I didn't even think about that but all my pastel paintings have to go into storage now.

03 November 2012

Quilt Show Ta-Dahs!

Okay....finally, the unveiling of my three 2012 quilts. (Well, y'all have seen two of these on my blog already.) I actually re-joined the local quilt guild so I could show them off at their annual quilt show.
This is a lap quilt I made after having made a baby quilt from the same fabrics. I loved the way it looked so much I put this together until I ran out of fabric.

This twin size quilt is Jacob for entering high school. He hasn't seen it yet.

Finally, my king size quilt for our bed which has been 10 years in the making.It is paper pieced and it was a pain in the butt to say the least.The only reason I finished it is because of Jack nagging me.
Today, I went to admire it in the quilt show as Jack stayed home and painted our bedroom to go with the quilt! Gotta love it.

Whew! Now I might just get some actual artwork done. No quilts that I HAVE to make.

02 November 2012

Strange First Thought

I was headed out to volunteer at the middle school in the government class today and I stopped to feed the horse. I decided to jog to the horse stall and I slipped on the wet, mossy cement footing around the shop. I went down like a sack of bricks and my head hit the cement and I heard my skull crack. Seriously, a crack.
I laid there and my first thought was, "Oh man, Jack is going to kill me!"
Then I laid still and did a mental check....my eyes were working, no blood...oh wait, I had to find my glasses to confirm that!
I went on with my volunteer work and held an ice pack over my knot in between each speaker.
The kids were amazing. They were to support a presidential candidate and give reasons, support an issue and give reasons, or speak to the candidates with advice.
They had courage to speak about issues that are not easy to speak about but their passion came through and I'm glad I was able to be there.

So long story short, my head still hurts, I hurt my wrist and I'm a bit sore but everything else seems okay. 

Lesson Learned: I'm nearly 66 years old, I need to be more cautious!!!