30 March 2012

I Volunteer and the Price of Gas Goes UP

I went into the "village" today to volunteer at the library. I stopped and got a coffee. The price of gas shook me into taking a photo.
Mind you, we have three gas stations in our village and they always maintain the same price. No one competes with anyone else.
So just four hours later, I headed home and found the gas had inched up another 4 cents a gallon.
Honestly, our little edge on a healthy economy is being consumed by the greediness of the oil companies and their stockholders. To Hell with playing the mega-lottery, just invest in oil and you are guaranteed to make a killing!

The cost of trucking just got more expensive. That means groceries will go up accordingly. Dang it... time to grow a garden! And I do NOT have a green thumb. It is just pink and wrinkled!

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