03 December 2012

Catch Up

I've been sick for so long now I don't even want to think of catching up with everything.
I think that concussion is still messing with my head. (It's a good excuse anyway!)

We had family for the T-Day holiday and did that ever make my heart sing!
First to arrive....and you might say it was a very unique and "grand" entrance... were Ina and Warren.
The phone rang about the time they were to be here and Warren says, "Get Jack. Have bring his truck and trailer or his tractor; we are in a ditch!"
I asked where and he said, "Right by your gate!"

Jack and I walked down to find this:

I would have loved to see Warren and Ina crawling out of their Mini on such an angle!
Jack did manage to pull them out with his tractor.
Believe it or not, there wasn't a scratch on the car!

No one else arrived with so much excitement. The house was full and it felt wonderful.

Here's Ina doing what she loves best: curled up in the sunshine reading a book.

I would add more photos here but my computer is not uploading right now. You know, the more you pay for your service, the less service you get!
Anyway, it was a wonderful time.

Since company left, I've been in charge of face painting for the annual Children's Christmas Party. This is where approximately 300 kids come and see Santa, make ornaments, decorate cookies, get gifts, books, fresh fruit, a miniature tree, make crafts and get their faces painted.
I had so many helpers painting faces this year, I didn't have to paint at all. I was the runner for fresh water, etc.
Then I was in an art show this past weekend. Nothing of mine sold but it was fun just the same.
I know a bit more of what to expect next time. For some reason, folks in this area do not like to pay for art. It has been a complaint of artists since I moved here and it has not changed.
Matting and framing art is very expensive in itself. Then add art supplies and maybe a smidgeon for the artist's time and talent and still no one buys.
So I'll go to cards next time. I'll keep my originals to hang in my own house and just sell items for under $5.00. Who knows? It might just work.

I am going to just kick back and relax a bit this week. Maybe purge some closets. That's always fun.
Anyway, Happy December!!!


Terrie said...

Hi Sandee, thanks for stopping my blog and the sweet words. Believe you've a great Christmas and New Year with family. Wish you another year of fun-filled, healthy and blessed.

Soggibottom said...

Just gonna email yer... :-) xxx