21 December 2013

Arlo Guthrie and Locks of Love

Well, I'll be a blue-nosed gopher if my blog isn't working again!

So you are asking yourself, "what's with that title?"

I decided a couple years ago I wanted my hair to be like Arlo Guthrie's hair. And sure enough, I made it and then some. Since it was growing so nicely, I thought I might donate my locks to "Locks of Love" which makes wigs for children with cancer. Of course, my gray hair can't be used on a child so they sell my donated hair and use the funds towards a child's wig. Cool or what?!

I must say, I loved my long hair but I had decided to donate it so it was a matter of sticking to my word. Danette and family visited and I handed her the scissors and said, "Chop away!"

And she did....
The grandkids laughed because it was almost black in the center of the braid. That must mean I'm not totally old!
One month later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So alas, no good deed goes unpunished!
More on that later....but for now, I'm feeling fine, just a little bit cold around the neck when I go outside in the sub-freezing weather. Brrrrr.... stupid time to have my hair cut off!

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Amy said...

Hey....you're back! Yay!! I've missed you. Now, I just need to hop over & update MY blog. Hee! Hee!