16 January 2014

Mammograms Half Price!

Okay, here it is in a nutshell: I'll be having a mastectomy soon. I can't next week because we have company coming; the following week I'm volunteering and decorating for a dinner/dance evening, I have a budget meeting, a finance meeting, a strategic goals meeting, a library meeting, a library event, then I am teaching an art class and then taking a quilting class, then a quilting retreat. Oh my, this is going to be tough to schedule surgery in between all my volunteering and fun time. Hmmmm.
Oh well, I'm sure I'll squeeze it in there some how.
Speaking of squeezing, I must say I am not a big fan of mammograms but this cancer was caught so early that I don't have to worry. I have time to meet my volunteer obligations, then have surgery. All because I did drag my butt down and had my mammogram! So, ladies, get off yours and get a check-up!
I forgot to ask the surgeon if this means my mammograms will be half price from now on! Ha! They certainly should be.

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Soggibottom said...

All best wishes from here Sandee, and hey, I think other stuff would rather you prioritize. YOU FIRST :-) Good luck babes and lots of love xxx