28 March 2014

Helpful Mastectomy Products

It was amazing to find help in the little things after surgery.

This camisole is the best investment I could have made. I put it on in the hospital and am still wearing it 16 days later. Fortunately for me, the weather has been nice so I've been able to hang it out to dry and put it right back on; changing into it while I was at the clothesline!
(I tried to insert a photo here but Blogger won't let me.)

Anyway, this camisole is so, so soft and comfy. It has pockets to hold the drains while patients are on the mend. Then it has pockets for temporary breast forms. Yeah, I tried mine and it was so light weight it "floated" up and didn't anchor. I'll wait for the "real" silicone one next month. That one will not be able to be worn with my camisole.

The next little helpful item was a small heart pillow. I tucked it under my arm to keep weight away from where the drain was inserted and to keep weight off of the area where my lymph nodes were removed. I received two and use one while I'm sleeping at night and one for whenever I need it. For awhile, I kept it under my arm while I walked. Volunteers make them and donate them to the breast center.

I do wish I could upload photos because this next item was extremely helpful. It was made of cotton fabric and it was a strip that hung around my neck and at each end it had pockets. This was to wear in the shower to hold my drain. Very cool. The only glitch was when I got out of the shower, I had this wet cloth around my neck. I made myself a second one and kept it dry. I'd just take my drain and tuck it into the dry one. Then I'd do whatever I needed to do to get ready for the day and didn't have to worry about getting tangled in my drain tube. Again, a woman makes them and donates them.

When I mentioned I'd like to sew some items for them, I received the very last seatbelt adapter. It is large and has foam inside of it to provide a barrier from the seatbelt. I was asked if I would mind making some of them, if I could as the woman who made them has moved away.

Needless to say, I have a group of ladies lined up and ready to sew a bunch of things which we will donate to the Breast Cancer Center.

If you or someone you know sews items for breast cancer patients, tell them thank you from me!

Just the little things in life that can make such a big difference in someone else's life.

Thanks for "listening"!

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