21 June 2012

Get Set ... Get Ready ...

We are so busy around here.... getting ready for Joseph to come home from the hospital.The house has to be clean. Not just clean, but REALLY clean.
Danette wanted to hire a cleaning woman who does "deep cleaning". I told her there isn't a cleaning person around who would do the deep cleaning I have in mind.
Dust the ceilings, vacuum and wipe the walls, clean the windows, clean the slider tracks until you can eat dinner off of them, remove EVERY item from the shelves and wash it or dust it, vacuum rugs and underneath rugs, strip all bedding and curtains to be washed, window shades in the kitchen need cleaning, cupboards to be wiped, fridge to be cleaned, the patio and deck and grass need to be tended, then the bathrooms and Danette and Joseph's bedroom. Dust is our enemy and we are on a mission to rid this house of all dust.

It's a bit tough when the kids want to read every book you pull off the shelf or play with every car you wipe clean. Seriously, they really are a lot of help considering how young they are. They want to be a part of this process to bring their dad home and keep him healthy as his stem cells continue to multiply.

Hauling things out into the hallway to clean was hard on the kids. Danette thought it was a good time to pull items to donate and clear some space in their rooms. Uh huh.....every little thing was a TREASURE ... even the tiny scraps of paper in Kai's room was being saved for a REASON!

So Joseph and Danette are singing to his stem cells and we are cleaning. We are all in this together and we are all working together the best we can. It feels good.


Meg said...

Wow Sandee! Good for you. Do you want a mini vacation on a beautiful island to recuperate? You won't need a break though--the smiles when Joseph is home will be enough. Love you.

Amy said...

That's so funny about the kids! That's the way mine always were too.....I'd have to send them out for an afternoon & clean/declutter myself. And I always used the big BLACK garbage bags so they couldn't see what I was tossing. LOL They're more grown up now & this summer....Ashely's the one on a decluttering mission! And Michael is her ruthless helper!