05 June 2012

Quilts and Family Traditions

I have a "Ta Dah" moment to share with all of you:

The top is done, now I need to gather fabrics for the backing and cut out the batting then think about how to quilt it.

This quilt pattern came from a magazine titled, "Australian Quilters Companion" and the pattern is called "Woven Squares in Squares".

Remember this and this ? All to make the above quilt.

So what does this have to do with family traditions, you ask? EVERYTHING!! This is for my grandson, Jacob who just completed 8th grade. My grandmother made baby quilts for us. I have the rag tag quilt I called "mine" as a child. Who knows if it was really made for me, but I'm the one who ended up with it.

Worn to a frazzle from time and lovin'.

Then there was the Family Tradition for both grandmothers to give quilts to the graduating seniors. Of course, I received one from each grandmother and have since passed those along to each of our girls.

What a satisfying feeling to be able to pass along the tradition of quilt giving. I have added my own twists to the mix: I give baby quilts, 5 year old quilts and 8th grade quilts. I figure by the time they go into high school, those 5-year old themed quilts have to go to the bottom of the stack and it's time for a more adult quilt.
Then when they graduate high school I'm sure it will be time for another quilt and then college and weddings. Whew! I won't run out of quilts to be making for a very long time!

I also started the tradition of giving Grandma-Aunties Quilts to newborns. Since I got my sis and sister-in-laws into quilting, we all put rows on the new one's quilt. Cool tradition.

Jack thinks I should save this for Jacob's birthday. But what is a tradition if you don't follow through with it? Besides, quilts need to be given at very special times. Birthdays are different "specials" and will need a separate gift this year. I just don't want to mix the two right now.


CrochetnQuilt said...

Congrats to you for continuing the tradition! Very nice quilt.

Soggibottom said...

Just make sure :-) when you eventually :-) have TEA at Soggibottom it's in June AND :-) on a beautiful clear blue sky day and my roses are out :-)
Huh.. charmer :-) Love yer xxxxxx thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Terrie said...

Love the quilt and it is always warm and sweet to carry on this tranditiion with own idea and own made. Your loved ones must be delighted and treasure such beautiful keepsake.

Amy said...

Love the quilt!! I just may have to start my own traditions with the crocheted afghan. ;-) Seeing as how I didn't start with the baby blankets.....I did make each kid a cross-stitched/quilted baby blanket. I love traditions. ;-)