02 March 2013

Under Construction

I've decided to allow my blog to rest for awhile. Besides, I have used up my maximum of storage for photos. I'm working on deleting old posts....once I clean everything up, I might come back to blogging.

Being retired has changed my rhythm in life. We have time to drop what we are doing and go north to my family, south to see the girls or further south to Jack's family. Volunteering has taken over my life too. I am finding where I fit best in the community. It has been a fun and interesting process.

Some things I've "released" and it feels good.

Mom is in a transition point in her life and I want to be available for her if she should ever give me the word!

I'm headed out to a quilting retreat. I haven't quilted since last fall. Just so many things to do!

I check in on blogs that I follow so I am up to date with all of you out in Blogland. I'll be back. I'm just going to continue to stay under the radar for awhile longer.

Take care and be kind to one another.


Norma said...

Ug, We will miss your words of wisdom and pointed sayings. We all love you so delete your pictures and start bloging again. All my LOVE Ray

Terrie said...

I'll miss you and hope all is well. Wish to see you again in the not far distance. Take care Sandy.

Soggibottom said...

Wish I were so up with blog land. they are so forgiving.
THEY ARE...... The best of it is when one of us needs another we are always there.
So as it goes, I read between lines very well. ....
TAKE CARE OF YOU................. x x x x

Soggibottom said...

Ah, have to add, it is now Summer here and there is a howling wind outside :-) Good wishes to all you beautiful kids Sandy.......... They are very special especially the kids that our kids choose.. Lots of love x x xx x x

Soggibottom said...

:-) You are just so full of it :-) in more ways than one :-) :-)
How can your blog be full ?????