18 July 2009

#198 the Plan

Okay, so here' the plan: I signed up with www.MyNetDiary.com and I log everything I eat during the day and all my exercise/walking plus my vitamins, etc. I plunked in a lofty goal weight come February and I'll see what happens. So far it is working great. I actually drink water because I want to check off all those little boxes!
It lets you know how many calories you have left for the day according to your plan.
I just don't want to be so heavy. My clothes are tight on me and I am too cheap to buy more... other than at the thrift stores, of course.
Anyway, this on-line program has a forum, if you are into that kind of thing; there is a nutritionist to answer questions and a review of by NPR says it is working for a large group of people. I don't want to weigh-in at a group, I don't want to leave home to attend meetings and I didn't want to pay Weight Watchers prices for the on-line program.
This was $9 for one month, $8 a month if you pay for 3 months, etc. I figured I'd invest $24 and try it for 3 months.
With my new hair cut, I wouldn't mind a new body shape and that is totally up to me and LESS calories.
Time will tell......


Meg said...

Go Sandee!!! It looks like a good program. Haven't decided whether or not I will join, but I'll let you know if I do (and I'll mention you too. Good luck!

Sheri said...

Good for you! I'm with you on this one so you are not alone in this battle.