19 July 2009

#199 Signs of Grandkids

When the grandkids visit, I like for them to change their artwork on my sewing room chalkboard cupboard doors.
Of course Josh, the 8th grader, decided his art from last year was just fine so he told me I could change the '08 to an '09. (Yes, he has that 8th grade attitude, but the sweet side wants to ooze out too. He does tend to drive his mom crazy.)

Now I'm set until their next visits. I get to look at all this love every time I'm in my room. Mmmmm, life is good.


Amy said...

What an awesome idea....those chalk board doors! Love seeing all their art work!

Meg said...

The art work is so fun. Thanks for sharing it with us. You painted it on right? Hmmmmm might be an idea for my classroom. You are a lucky lady to have such grand grandkids!
Love you...Meg

Sandee said...

yes, I sprayed it on and be careful because it has a HUGE overspray! It works like a champ, as you can tell.