02 September 2009

#244 Nicely Done

Danette and Joseph added onto their home. Jack was hired to build a custome 12' long book case that formed a pony wall between the living room and the new hallway. Here the guys are installing it.
It didn't take Danette long to load it; and this is only a small portion of their books!
They wanted a darker top than the wood in the book case; here it is from the living room side.
Next, Jack made night stands that are suspended from the wall in the new master bedroom.
This is an 8' long vanity in their new master bathroom. Jack made it from sycamore.
The entire addition made the house feel so big and it is still under 2,000 sq ft. There is an art studio too that I didn't get a photo of. Jack may be hired to make a Murphy bed for this room.

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Amy said...

LOVE that book shelf!!!!