10 September 2009

#252 Virginia, here we come!

The trip begins....AFTER work today, I'll hop on a plane to Seattle. Mom and I will be picked up at 3:30 a.m. (OMG) and taken to the airport. Then, we'll be in Virginia tomorrow night AFTER we stop over in Atlanta, Georgia and Greensboro, North Carolina where we will rent a car and drive to VA. Five states in 2 days....pretty cool.
I'll wave at you, Tammy, when we are in NC!


Amy said...

Dang....I wish you could just pick Tammy up & bring her on this way as you come! Y'all be safe & we'll see you when you get in......or maybe Sat. morning I guess.

lpwcubby said...


So good meeting you at the reunion. Hope to see you again next year. Stay in touch!

lpwcubby said...

By the way: lpwcubby is Linda Ward - Kathy's sister.

Tammy Townsend said...

I saw the picture of you and Amy...loved it! Wish I could've come!