21 September 2009

#265 - 100 Days and Counting....

100 days until the end of the year and until the end of our Project 365...how the heck did that happen? Well, I've been thinking about how we put so much importance on every new U.S. President's first 100 days, and how we want to KNOW just what he has accomplished in that short period of time. I decided that I want to see just what I can accomplish in the LAST 100 days of the year!
So I’m going to document what I can accomplish in just 100 days. I know what I WANT to accomplish and I’ll start with that today:
I want to:

  • put the binding on grandson, Joshua’s quilt
  • finish grandson, Kai’s quilt
  • finish my quilt to donate to the hospital
  • make an art quilt for the challenge this year
  • make an art quilt which is from a child’s artwork
  • finish a wall hanging
  • fill a purse and a market bag to donate to our quilt show
  • visit Kari and her family in October since they were sick the last time we were in CA
  • STOP volunteering so much at school and encourage parents to get involved in school events
  • completely organize my sewing room. This means I have to purge things and I just hate doing that. The minute I get rid of a piece of lace, I find a need for it. But purge I must.
  • select the paint color for our bedroom and possibly paint during one of my breaks. This will depend upon travel plans.
  • begin putting all my record albums into my computer
  • burn CD’s of record albums. If I can do an album a day, I think I’ll be able to finish up before my 70th birthday! (haha)
  • NOT start any new projects until I have completed all of those which I have already begun. I have the attention span of a 2 year old and love starting new projects. So this will be one of my 100 day goals.
  • lose weight and exercise regularly (yuck to both)

This is a nutshell version of what I want to accomplish in the next 100 days. I'll check them off as I go and I'm sure I'll be adding several to my "To Do" list! But whatever I can squeeze into 100 days along with working away from home full time...so be it!!! ...You be the judge!

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I don't see my quilt in your list of ones to finish... kidding!!

I took a picture of a quilt at the Puyallup Fair for you. I thought it was just a really interesting pattern and looked cool. I'll post it on the blog soon =]