09 September 2009

#251 My VW Chevy Van

Well, I'm back at work once again and I realized I have the only "clunker" vehicle that doesn't qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program in the school parking lot and it isn't from a lack of trying. I decided that my Chevy van/VW wanna be was going to get traded in once the program started. Then the details came out and my van is TOO OLD to qualify! What the heck?!
So I had to apologize to it for considering trading it in and I washed it and now "she" shines. She has not forgiven me because I tried to use the heater yesterday on my sandaled feet but it wouldn't put out heat. (sigh) I do love this van - after driving her for 37½ years, I should love her! And heck, I couldn't haul all the crap I do if I got a tiny VW bug!

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