04 February 2011


The Sketchbook Challenge theme for this month is "Opposites". I am having so much fun thinking of opposites that I might just draw more this month. I'm going to start by sharing just one way in which Jack and I are oh so opposite: in the bathroom! (Toothbrushes)

These pics are of our toothbrushes. I know, who the heck would post photos of your toothbrush? Check these out. We have a brand new electric toobrush. I have the small brush head on the right and Jack's is the larger one on the left. Notice that my bristles are all brand new looking.....we've only had this for about 2 months at the most. Jack's on the otherhand are starting to spread out.

And these are our non-electric brushes. Bought at the same time....used the same amount. Doesn't it make you feel sorry for his teeth? I'm surprised he has any enamel left in his mouth at all!
Every time I look at these, I just shake my head because it is one of MANY ways in which we are totally opposite.


Amy said...

OMG.....this is just totally hilarious! Thank you, thank you for giving me a good laugh on a Fri. night! Your toothbrush looks like mine does.....& Clay's is like Jack's....LOL!

Sandee said...

What is funny is that your house has identical toothbrushes as our house! What's with that?! I think YOU and I are the ones who brush properly. I may ask my dentist to back me up on this one.