13 February 2011

Turn About is Fair Play

This expression rolled around in my head yesterday as I walked in methodical circles attempting to find my shopping cart! I had done most of my variety store type shopping when I needed one more item. The row was crowded with people and carts so I parked my cart at the end of the row. When I returned, my cart was gone.
Since my memory isn't consistently reliable, I walked around and around searching for it.
Gone. Vanished out of thin air.

I had to backtrack through my shopping list and grab the things I had already picked out. Geeze.
I met Jack back at our car as he had gone into the hardware store. I explained my delay when he said, "Finally someone else does to you what you do to folks at the grocery store!"
He was right. I frequently add items to a cart that is not mine and off I go with it until either Jack or the person I stole it from bop me on the head!
So yes, turn about is fair play!

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