25 February 2011

Pretty in Pink

This house sat vacant for so many years, it was actually quite sad. Then one day last summer, I noticed some action happening around the house. Someone had bought the sad little blue house.

One afternoon on my way home from work, I looked up in surprise as the house had been transformed into a pink flamingo color! As I drove by, I gasped a huge breath. The drastic change shocked me.

The following day, I looked again and smiled. The house made me happy. Next door, the house is a deep, strong green and just prior to that is a burnt orange house; equally as strong of a color and much like the Boston Baked Bean candies! So the intensity of this pink fit the neighborhood.

I heard through the grapevine that folks have actually knocked on the door when the owners were there working and asked them how they could EVER paint a house this color! Comments like how stupid are they anyway.... How inconsiderate, etc., etc. were made towards these people. Just mean-spirited things before ever getting to know the family. I also understand that this color is considered spiritual to this family. Hey, it's America, folks! Fortunately, we can paint our houses with florescent polka-dots if we so choose. Heck, make that glow-in-the-dark polka-dots for me!

More work was done but after all this time, no one has moved in. The house is still empty and awaiting a family to make the inside as happy as the outside.

Here's to individuality!!!!!


Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

I think it is beautiful...love bright colors....

Pipérade said...

It's v close to the colour that those old Swedish barns are painted. I like it - it's quite discreet.