20 October 2011

Another "Infestation"!

I call it an infestation because these dang, ugly HUGE bugs are in just too many places near me! We have found about four in our garage, 2 in the horse tack room, and several around in the garden, etc. This one was about 3" or maybe 3.5" Too big. Just too big.

We call them potato bugs, but their official name is Jerusalem crickets. According to Wikipedia:

Despite their names, Jerusalem crickets are a distinct lineage within the Orthoptera, separate from crickets (eg Gryillidae), are not native to Jerusalem, and they do not prefer potatoes for food.


Norma said...

I must say your postings are as interesting as you are. you make my day.

Love Mom

Terrie said...

Looks like a cricket - sings at night. Isn't it?