05 October 2011

A Name is Just a Name

A few years ago, I had heard of blogs but had never actually read one. That was until a some-how-cousin, Amy, back in Virginia began a blog. She posted photos from an annual family reunion which I had wanted to attend. I actually got a few miles away one year but felt guilty for leaving my pregnant due-any-time daughter behind in North Carolina. So I turned around and missed the reunion.
Then the photos were posted. I scrutinized every single one of them and vowed to make it back to a reunion some time. (Which I did with Mom a few years ago.... what fun!)
Anyway, I peeked in on Amy's blog and "watched" her children growing up. I got the courage to leave a comment but I had to create an account to do so.
The next thing I knew, I had accepted a challenge from Amy to post a photo a day for one full year.
That meant I needed a name for my blog. Heck, I had the photo ready to post so I typed in my blog name and never thought about it again.

Do I tend to ramble when I speak? Sometimes, but not always. Do I have important things to talk about? Sometimes, but not often. Do I enjoy sharing with others snippits of my life? Always.
I've kept my blog up because I know Mom checks in on me almost every day. (Hi, Mom!) I know Mom doesn't care if I ramble.

I have discovered a world of bloggers who write about everything from their home life, their children, their pets, their travels, cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, artwork, etc. You name it, there is a blog about it. Somehow, I found Soggibottom and as I read her blog today, she pointed me to this blog called As Sweet As Cinnamon which is running a give-away if we tell how we came to name our blog.
There are tons of blogs to check out just from her blog!

So mosie on over and who knows, maybe you'll start your own blog for all of us to visit!


Soggibottom said...

Great post Sandee, no ramblin either :-) ah, tell me about ramblin :-) I am the worlds worst.... Just like to say HI TO YOUR MUM TOO :-) HI MOM
:-) x x x

Amy said...

Oh, I'm the queen of 'ramble' & hey, I peek in here on you just about everyday too....so HI to me. ;-)

Terrie said...

I say hi to you. Blogging links us and share.