25 October 2011

Ta Dah !!

It's about time I have a "Ta Dah" moment. I need more of these so I can wrap up some of the many projects I started but for some reason have not finished.

This quilt has a story to it. I began by wanting to use up my scraps. I figured I could lay the rows out so the colors would appear like a rainbow. Nope. I didn't like it. No matter how I tossed up the pieces, I didn't like it.

So I began taking away colors. I can't believe that the first color I took AWAY was red. Red - my favorite color. Then I tossed the pink out and the orange ones.
I ended up with one that is much more pleasing to the eye. Well, to my eye(s) anyway.

I put the pieces together at a retreat this year and then set it aside. I dragged it out again last week and decided I really like it. It is bright and cheerful. So it is going to be a gift to bring cheer and light to the owner. I thought about the person as I quilted away and I poured love, healthy, happy thoughts and more love into my stitches.

I have studied my color wheel and just cannot figure out why this works. Purple and yellow are opposite then I have turquoise and green. If anyone can explain what happened, please let me know.

 It is 72" x 56" so it will be a nice size lap quilt to cuddle up with.


Amy said...

It's gorgeous, Sandee! Love it!

Soggibottom said...

It will be a stunner of a quilt to cuddle up with. :-)
Ah, been meaning to catch up with you... do you know Doc Martin has a new series, you would love this one... Thought of you on Thursday on a jaunt over to Cornwall. I promise the next jaunt will be to a certain village... I once met a lady who was in the series, met her in Exeter :-) AT A QUILT thing believe it or not :-) She was an extra in the Doc's surgery :-) lots of pics when we go. :-) x x x

Terrie said...

Wow, Sandee, this is a gorgeous quilt of love and beauty. My first sight on the second image is of the famous flower field of Hokkaido, Japan. One of the pictures here about it. Colorful and cheerful your work is.