15 December 2011

Another Quilt Finished

Although I didn't make the quilt top, I did put this together and quilt it on my Bernina Aurora 440. The top was purchased by my son-in-law in Guatemala. It is all crewel work on muslin. I had problems with two sides as the embroidery work made the sides of the quilt pucker. So I had these mini ocean waves around the sides to try and work in. I just treated them like a sleeve in a child's dress! I used muslin on the back and binding so as not to detract from the lovely work.
I am going to give the quilt back as a gift to my s-i-l as he has no clue it is in my possession. He has had other more important issues to deal with.... like cancer... bless his sweet heart.
I hope when he curls up under this, he will feel the love sewn in between all those lovely bright colors.

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Terrie said...

This is a gorgeous quilt with the tribal background, some phonex (or peacock ?), horses, fishes, flowers. Very cultural artpiece. Your work on top of it is another passion of love. Wish he overcome illness and back to strength very soon.