31 December 2011

Raccoons: 1 Cat: 0

We got home from out trip to find the cat food dish all bloody. My friend had been checking on Hook daily because she could tell the raccoons were getting in the garage through the cat door and eating his food and dirtying his water!
Well, they got more than food. He had a nasty bite on his foot and on his cheek. It took six stitches to patch him up.
Niow I am thinking up ways I can help Hook even out the score.


Soggibottom said...

Ah, sorry Sandee, or should I say sorry Hook. POOR GUY... we don't have the critters over here. CATS YES. Furry fings :-)that have sharp teeth like that NO.. only foxes.
How about trying some potent disinfectant around Hooks door. Hook won't like it, but maybe the critters won't either.

Lots of love XXXXXXXXX

Amy said...

Poor Hook! My boys would take care of the problem for you!!

Terrie said...

Oh, so sorry for Hook. Must be painful. Hope he's getting better soon.