01 January 2012

How NOT To Blow Out Candles

I had these great candles that I had never used along with a lovely candle holder. We had company for a New Year's dinner last night and I figured it would be the perfect time to light these candles... kinda fancy things up a bit. Nice, huh?

After visiting Kari, I got these ideas for hors d'oeuvres:

Filling Tostitos brand scoops with finely chopped carrots, broccoli and chicken was a hit. Kari used a little mayo in hers with a dill seasoning which has garlic and other herbs in it. I found some in our natural foods section and I used grapeseed mayo. Very easy and tasty.
I got out my fondu pot and made a 4-cheese sauce for crackers or veggies or whatever.
I made what is called "boozy olives" where I soaked green olives in gin then served them. I don't like gin but everyone else who came to dinner does and they enjoyed them.
I found a great recipe for garlic shrimp.
Jack made corn fritters and he made the main dish which was Wild Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff over pasta. Mmmmm. I made a spinach, feta and cranberry salad.

One friend brought some appetizers as well so we ate a plateful BEFORE the main meal!
What the heck, it was the last dinner in 2011, we can all walk it off in 2012, right? Luckily, the meal was simple and no one became overstuffed.
The other friend made a German Chocolate Pie for dessert. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, we never got the chance to find out because as she entered the house, she stumbled and dropped the pie which was in a glass pie plate. Smashed to smitherines! Luckily, she was okay.
We were all actually thankful we didn't have dessert or we would have been uncomfortable.
I then made Irish Coffee and someone brought champagne to toast in the New Year.
A fun evening of eating, visiting and playing games with friends. Good times to say the least.

I decided it was time to blow out the candles and I did with gusto. Poof! All out.

This morning I was saying to Jack how nice it was that the candles didn't melt and make a mess. He walked over to them and said, "Well, they DID melt and make a mess!"
I hopped up to see what he was talking about and found wax all over the wood cabinet top and splattered up the wall.
I couldn't believe that candles would splatter...then it dawned on me: When I blew the candles out, the melted wax that puddled near the quick had gone flying out! So I was the one who made the mess.
Next time, I'll pinch those flames out instead of blow on them. (Geeze)

The wax came out okay but the color stained the wood and the wall. Red is my favorite color, but not like this! I have to do some research and see how I can get it out.

Well, Blogging World..... Happy New Year!

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Terrie said...

A meal all looks appealing and very good ambience. Oops the candles.... Hope you can clean it right ~.~