08 January 2012

Lying Low

I thought if I did't post anything for awhile, I'd quit doing stupid things. Ummmmm, nope, 'didn't work for me!

Here is my used-to-be-nice KitchenAid toaster.
What happened to melt the top, you ask?
Well, you see, Jack has a habit of putting day-old bread on the top of the toaster and then setting the toaster on to toast. He had some garlic bread he was re-heating in this manner and it had been loaded with butter so I told him not to let the butter melt into the toaster. I suggested he put tin foil over the top first. Dumb. I never dreamed he would wrap the entire top with tinfoil so the heat didn't get out and the toaster melted.
Gross plastic smell in the whole house for hours afterwards.
Just plain stupidity.
Guess we need a toaster oven.


Norma said...

sounds like what you have may be catching. It does not sound like Jack.


Soggibottom said...

Think you are going to have to put a new toaster on your list of THINGS TO BUY SANDEE :-) x x x