02 January 2012

When Does a Good Deed Call in the Sheriff?

ANSWER:  When Sandee is the one doing the good deed, that's when!
I went to the school today to finish a job I was working on in the staff room. I had started peeling off ancient wallpaper borders. I had checked out a security pass card to use to shut off the alarm system after entering the building.
So picture this: I enter the building to find the hallway dark. I saw the red light of the alarm system and pulled out my security card and waved it in front of the red light. Then I went about my business. I unloaded my ladder and supplies and was laying paper out waiting for my BFF, Eileen to arrive and help me with the project.
I thought I heard her car outside so I opened the door to the parking lot only to find the Sheriff standing by his car with his hand on his holster/gun. OMG! I knew I'd done something wrong.
I smiled and walked out to him. He gave me the 3rd-degree (whatever that may be....but I felt like I was sitting in a stark room with a bare lightbulb overhead and sweat rolling down my forehead!)
I gave him my name and told him I worked at the school but was actually retired so officially I was volunteering. He asked if the (ONLY) vehicle in the parking lot was mine and I said yes. He then ran the license and up I came!
I told him to call the principal because he still was not convinced that I belonged there.
He spoke with her and asked if she knew me. She laughed and said yes, I was one of the "good guys"!
He was so serious it was crazy. He scolded her and told her to make sure I had a security pass to get in the next time.
Then Eileen arrived and I discovered that I had swiped the back of my ID card instead of the security pass card! DUH! Both are the same size plastic cards and in the dark, I grabbed the wrong one.

We got some good mileage out of that and were done with the job in no time. I swear, I have no clue what I would EVER do without Eileen in my life. (I do think though that her motive for hanging around me is for comic-relief.)

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Amy said...

Oh good grief! Surely sounds like a 'scrapbook moment' to me, Sandee! LOL!!