16 January 2012

Getting Serious About Europe

All my notes and list of web "favorites" are starting to come together. We are planning a trip to Europe in September and October of this year. What a mind-boggling experience to plan.
Where to go, what to see, where to stay, how to get from Point A to Point B, rent a car or take the trains, how long to spend in each city or village. Whew! A lot to absorb.
My last adventure to France was six years ago and the planning took me two serious years and reams of paper. I think this won't take as much paper but some major hours of research and of course, not two years!
The big thing is that the money has been put aside for this trip and that Jack is willing to go with me this time around. Evidently he hated my being away from him for so long more than he hates the idea of flying in an airplane!
What do you think; can we cover all of this in 6 weeks?
Places I just have to visit:
* = re-visit and share with Jack
Paris, France*
St. Girons, France
Rocamadour, France
Ventimiglia, Italy*
Nimes, France*
Loire Valley, France*
Verdun, France
Liege, Belgium (American WWII Cemetary)
Stonehenge, UK

Places Jack must visit:
Toledo, Spain
San Sabastian, Spain
Venice, Italy
Cote d'Azur, France
Verdun, France
London, UK
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Munich, Germany
Venice, Italy
Barcelona, Spain

Seriously, I wouldn't mind spending our entire time in France but Jack wants to see other countries as well. So we'll be on the road a lot which is so much fun in a foreign country. This trip will be very different because we will be renting or leasing a car. Poor Mom got dragged out in the boonies with me where cars were needed but we were forced to walk. When we knocked on the B&B in the Basque Country, our hosts were totally shocked that we did not have a car. I do believe we were the first visitors to arrive on foot! Hey, we were in great shape when we left France, that's for sure.

I am sure we will have to cut some places off of this list, but we shall see.

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Terrie said...

Sure it will be a GREAT trip with your serious planning. Will be romantic, adventurous, relaxing and fruitful..... Enjoy it.