20 January 2012

These Hats Need Cats

Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up and our little elementary school celebrates big time. We take part in Read Across America. Adults dress up in Dr. Seuss costumes and wear crazy colored "Cat in the Hat" hats then we read and have a party.

This year, it is highly possible that this precious school, built in 1936, will be closing its doors. It will be the last Dr. Seuss celebration. With that in mind, one aid decided it would be fun to make 120 hats for the kids to wear to the party and take home with them. (Mind you, this wild-and-crazy-woman does NOT sew!)

Of course, that is where I come into the picture. I bought 4 bolts of felt which is 72" wide!! I drew up the cutting pattern for all the fabric and started cutting. I'm not going to cut it all because volunteers are coming out of the woodworks to help with this fun project.


Soggibottom said...

Don't you look a picture . I can just see you and I standing at Soggibottom's door and having our pic taken.
With Freya obviously :-)
Why is the school closing ? I Know I have missed something AGAIN !

Terrie said...

It'll be a fun project ! Is it a pity for the school close?

Amy said...

LOVE the hat! It suits you perfectly, Sandee!! <3